Claritas Counselling

Claritas Counselling Services offers face to face counselling in a confidential and safe environment where clients are free to reflect on their inner most thoughts, emotions and feelings without judgement.

To book your free confidential 30-minute telephone consultation contact Claire on 07468 889 173.

Why Claritas

At Claritas clients can evaluate understanding of their experiences, helping to reveal a comprehensive and clearer sense of self, ultimately motivating personal growth and inspiring change.

I believe that empathy, compassion and humanness lie at the centre of work with clients and consider the relationship between client and therapist as the most important element in successful counselling.

Who am I

Hi I’m Claire, a qualified reflective practitioner specialising in Person-Centred Counselling. I am a warm, caring and reliable counselling professional with a deep sense of personal and professional integrity.

My background involves working with clients who have experienced relationship/marriage difficulties, abuse- including physical, sexual, emotional and/or psychological, complexities surrounding grief and loss, childhood related issues including early life attachment, and issues surrounding shame and self-worth.

The lotus flower is a symbol of strength rising each day through muddy water. It represents the clarity of heart as well as the mind.